We're legal!

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We're legal!

Postby urinal-cake » Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:51 am

Being a small video game development group, some of our plans take longer than we want them to. Earlier in the year, we said we'd go dark for a while, but now we can stop holding our breath and tell you about all the awesome we have to share!

So, we were just told that a little legal hurdle was now behind us, which means we can talk about what's happened since our last update. Watch our Twitter and Facebook, because we're going to fill them with updates as often as we can.
On this team, we like to think we’re special; helmets and all. Some of us have experience from popular game and technology companies, and others haven’t had their souls sucked out by the corporate machine. However, we want to start sharing more about the lovely people behind your favorite sword fighting game, so let’s get started with the new guy.

Not long before we had to go dark/spend your money on a vacation/make it back by selling organs, we brought a well-known and experienced Source developer onto the team. Last year, Biohazard released a free, easy-to-use editor for Source shaders simplifying the shader creation process. He's more famously known for his work on dynamic weather and a full day/night cycle, and we would like to welcome him to the team!
We knew we would hate it when we couldn't say stuff and we’ve been kicking and screaming the whole time. We rely on support and feedback of Blade Symphony fans, because otherwise it makes us feel forever alone. But now, we can officially say that Blade Symphony is being licensed, developed and will be released using Valve's Source engine. More specifically, we have the Portal 2 version of the engine, which has tons of additions and optimizations.
We want to get started in a big way, so we're hard at work in Microsoft Movie Maker (not) on a video showing the current state of gameplay in Blade Symphony, including improvements made since the last time you've probably seen it. We've got our top people on it right now, expect it soon! It'll be a fantastic video, that our Kickstarters can get a look at first.

Finally, we'll give you a taste of progress with the final, in-game version of a model we showed earlier this year on Facebook.
I’m going to go put some ice on the place where my kidneys used to be.

tl;dr It took us forever to get back to you but here we are and we now have the Portal 2 engine.
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Re: We're legal!

Postby K7-Avenger » Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:27 am


I am very happy after months checking here several times a day to see that news update.

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Re: We're legal!

Postby bauxite » Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:55 pm

Keep up the good work.

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Re: We're legal!

Postby gx3699 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:02 am

Nice job! look forward to the rest of your work!!
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