Reemergence Video Update!

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Reemergence Video Update!

Postby Flux » Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:37 pm

Hey guys, Flux here with the update video as promised. In this video I'll show you all a brief tour of what Blade Symphony looks like now, and all the things we've been working on, like the new UI, map, stances, effects, etc.

One Year Anniversary

As I'm uploading the video I just realized that, as of next Tuesday the 28th, it's been a whole year since we've been backed. That seems crazy, and almost unbelievable. We've made you wait and wait and.. well.. there's going to be more waiting.

I want you to know that, even though we haven't posted updates at all for the past few months, we've literally been working day and night around the clock on Blade Symphony.

If you were a backer you would demand some kind of explanation. And you would be totally justified.

What's taking so long?

The biggest hurdle we've had to overcome in the past half a year was business development. This means working together with Valve, making sure we're set up properly as a business, and getting a ton of legal things sorted away. The fruit of this endeavor is to secure us the Source engine license, without which we wouldn't be able to give the game to you in its final released state. It's the single most important part of getting the game out into the world, so it's not just a Source mod, but a real game.

This also meant that, during the time we were in pseudo sketchy legal status, we couldn't talk about the game. At all. Zip. Because, that would have jeopardized our success in securing an engine.

Thank the heavens that part is over with.

What's next?

We still have a lot of work to do, since we've just barely ported the game to the Portal 2 version of Source about a month ago. The interface for the game had to be entirely re-coded and designed, as shown in the video. We're also adding a ton of cool things to combat and gameplay which I'll post videos of when I'm able to tear myself away from not working on the thing.

In the words of Gabe Newell, "These things... they take time."

Again, thank you for being patient with us. Your support is all the world to our team, we're nothing without you!
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