Sourcemod Plugins for Dystopia - Overview

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Sourcemod Plugins for Dystopia - Overview

Postby Atomy » Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:57 am

As u may know i wrote some plugins for dystopia or just sourcemod.
There we already have the requirement, you need a running sourcemod installation for it.

Have a look at for how its done, if u get in trouble during installation or plugin usage just drop me a message.

- dys_roundstart:
The original idea was to get a clean roundstart for an event logging plugin. Besides it become useful for a warmup-phase, to fix a dystopia bug that allows capping objectives before any of the opposite team was spawned, or just to get some players ingame ready before the round starts.

- antiafk:
Who doesnt know afk players standing on spawn pads while objectives get raped. That plugin kicks them after certain time without movement.

- dys_teamattack:
It's always nice to know as an admin which idiot throws an emp to friendly decker or just raping the whole own team with minigun, until u are on the opposite team its hard to make decisions without provement, the players will let u notice but u have to trust them for that, now u got a message from your server. It has an advantage over other plugins that just spam ur whole chat when a tesla ball goes through teammates, cause it try to prevent double messages and summarize them.

- dys_vaccine_spawnfix:
Just a simple fix to the missing fastspawn after capping 1st objective on Vaccine. Forces the defending team to spawn after objective capture, to get them able to be present on 2nd objective when attacking team arrives.
obsolete by dystopia v1.2

- dys_spawnteam:
That one forces a team to spawn. Also it provides instant spawn mode that is used by dys_roundstart during warmup or can by manually toggled.
fixed for dystopia v1.2

- spawninfo:
Displays are spawntimer on your hud while alive, to know when the dead part of the team arrives.
broken and obsolete by dystopia v1.2

I got some additional plugins that are not here, cause i'm thinking nobody wants them. If you want one of them let me know.
- joinmumble - plugin to join mumble (voip) while ingame
- avgticrate - prints average ticrate the server has done
- eventlogger - logs certain events from the server into a file, used for statistics
- mumblewatch - part of a system that notice about players joining/parting mumble
- nuke - plays "final countdown", does some explosions and switches everyone to spec

If u got questions/problems with one of those plugins, drop me a message.

Damn, i'm just realising that i had too much free-time in the past.
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Postby Schafchen » Sun Jul 13, 2008 9:03 am

i love these plugins =)
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Postby Pyroguy » Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:46 am

I'm interested in the eventlogger and nuke plugins. Where can I find those?
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