Improving the tutorial

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Improving the tutorial

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Improving the tutorial

Postby DigitalGirlfriend » Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:18 am

As everyone knows, Dys has a relatively small player-base compared to *certain* other FPS games. What I have identified as one of the main problems is

-Newbie joins server
-Newbie is clueless what they're supposed to do
-Newbie is getting killed
-Newbie removes Dys

But they're supposed to learn about Dys basics in the tutorial, isn't that so? However, playing through the Dys tutorial again I've noticed some main things that are missing. I'm just going to type the most important ones:

1. It doesn't explain the *objectives* on regular games. In fact, it doesn't even have the objectives circle thing - which easily explains it when you join a server where half of the players are 900 and all of those are just lost and wandering around randomly on the map.
I'd argue that anyone that's not primate level of dumb would figure it out by themselves, but it's not fun for someone when they join a game, wander around and then *get killed once* *objective lost* *objective lost* *get killed by turret* *game*

2. It doesn't explain a lot of the weapons. People don't like to get killed by semi invisible opponents or die from an electric ball out of nowhere.

Now I'm not the one working on Dys, so I suggest that the Dys team apply changes that fixes it.

Other than that, tutorial needs more visibility. Whenever someone new joins a server saying it's their first time, I ask if they've done the tutorial first. 70% of the times the reply is "what there is a tutorial?". So yeah the tutorial button needs more visibility as well. Make it flashy until you've done it, or have a message that recommends it first, whatever.
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Re: Improving the tutorial

Postby MaZe741 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:26 am

2. It doesn't explain a lot of the weapons. People don't like to get killed by semi invisible opponents or die from an electric ball out of nowhere.
the tutorial explains nothing concerning weapons, it doesnt even offer up the possibility to shoot down the turrets instead of hacking them... (but there's too many of them anyway for this to be a possibility)

the Weapons screen could definitely show more data. I really would like to see dps, reload time, damage type, ect, there's lots of data, give them to the players.
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Re: Improving the tutorial

Postby YoRu » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:19 pm

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