Kill Locked SubObjectives

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Kill Locked SubObjectives

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Kill Locked SubObjectives

Postby kameroti » Fri Jan 11, 2013 10:04 am

Hello, this suggestion is with the v1.4 update in mind.

I like it when the router is smashed in dys_broadcast, the SubObjective briefly turns corps, then after a bit disappears so noobies don't run there and try to recap it.

Could we do this for all SubObjectives that can't be recaptured on all maps...?

Such as dys_exodus when the generators are captured and then locked in CS, and dys_injection as each of the four towers with the crank wheels are completed, dys_assemble killing the image of data stores in CS for those destroyed in meat space, etc.

Please :?:

-- Kameroti
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