Destructible Implants

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Destructible Implants

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Destructible Implants

Postby MaZe741 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:04 am

I came up with the idea that destructible implants would be really cool.

Dystopia does not have a detailed damage model, only certain hitscan weapons are able to do headshots, which do increased damage. with destructible implants, we could increase the importance of where you hit somebody.

for example, if you headshot a heavy, you have a chance that your damage also takes down his thermal implant, permanently, or for a certain amount of time, like, it would have to "reboot" (althought this would resemble the emp-effect too much).

making deckers "loose their cyberdeck in fight" would certainly improve the concept of dystopia of making tense situations, while also decreasing the unlogical detail that weapons do the same damage, nomatter if you hit his chest, arm, or legs.

chest; body implants
head; head implants
arms; wired reflexes
legs; leg boosters

problem is I dont know if the dystopia engine supports checking hits for where they hit the body, except for headshots. if this implementation does not come with a huge ammount of time, I think it would be viable to give it a try.

there should also be an audible or visual feedback that you just destroyed someone's implants, there could be certain mechanical parts fall off his body.

also we would need to discuss if this chance is only possible if your armor has priorly been depleted, or maybe if this chance should be armor-piercing, thus boosting the importance of armor.
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Re: Destructible Implants

Postby Moomoo » Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:48 pm

So minigun/shotgun could disable all my implants with few shots? No thx. And I don't like whole idea.
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Re: Destructible Implants

Postby Die RedAlert » Fri Oct 22, 2010 8:49 am

This could be cool feature in some cases...even tho i think in the end it just leads to suiciding more often.
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Re: Destructible Implants

Postby Black Noise » Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:55 am

I actually like that idea. It takes me back to Deus Ex with health for each body part and getting shot in the leg would cause you to limp and stuff.

Now disabling implants would indeed add realism and tension. I'd say, like Deus Ex, give players a health system that monitors individual body parts. However the status of the implants won't be linked to the amount of health left but how much damage taken in an instant.

For example, when shot in the head with a light bullet you'd get a brief jerk in your vision with a hint of static. If you had a Thermal Vision activated, the implant would be distorted a little but will recover quickly. However, if your head takes heavier damage, the distortion to your head implants will be more severe and last longer.

It's like your health doesn't have COD-like regeneration but your implants do.
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